Essay on Love And Empower All Women

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Love & Empower All Women Constitution

1. Name:
The name of the organization shall be called Love and Empower All Women club at Johnson & Wales University, Providence RI Campus.

2. Purpose:
The purpose of Love & Empower All Women is for all students here on the Johnson & Wales University campus who feel that there needs to be more done for women, in our communities, in our society, and in our world. This program contains the main principles of Empowerment, Diversity, Community Service, Academic Excellence, and Peace. We want all students in this organization to able to develop and create a unique voice with pride and dedication that inspires all women of diverse backgrounds to come together and empower each other, while promoting peace. As well as, being supportive and encouraging all students excelling in their classrooms.

3. Broad Objectives:
To make a change beginning with young women who will grow to become powerful, motivated, strong grown women with a message that is being acknowledged by everyone. We plan on hosting events to share opinions, ideas, stories, and distribute messages to all women and everyone is welcomed to attend.

4. Membership Requirements:
A. Membership will be extended to all enrolled undergraduate students of Johnson & Wales University
B. In order for a student to receive membership into Love & Empower All Women club, she/he must have a minimum GPA of 2.5
C. In addition to receiving membership student will be given a…

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