Love : A Passionate Emotion That Shows Sincere Affection Essay

1681 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
Love: a passionate emotion that shows sincere fondness. Many times we take this emotion for granted and expect that it will always be there. However, this emotion is not always present in our world today. It is easily forgotten and goes unnoticed when it is lost, but when it is regained, its effects can’t be missed. In this commercial, Coca-Cola describes the true importance of love and how it can be achieved. It shows before and after glimpses of negative messages and situations that are turned positive because a little love is shared. Despite the many evils that are present today, love can be spread throughout the world with something as little as a bottle of Coke. The commercial starts out with hateful messages flashed across screens. It shows a man seeing a hateful post on Facebook and then retaliating back; it projects the words freak, hate, and loser on a wall; and it shows two girls calling the man a loser in a video. It also shows the emotions that are provoked after seeing these hateful messages. Whether it be sadness or rage that overcomes the victims of these evils, a definite reaction was evident. The commercial seemed to dramatize the emotions that were provoked to produce a very evident contrast between the before and after effect of a bottle of Coca-Cola. The commercial then transitions to a tech guy inspecting the wiring in a powerhouse. He is drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola while doing this but when he sets it down he accidentally knocks it over and spills…

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