Loung Ung Quotes

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We take things for granted, we wouldn’t understand anything Loung Ung has been through. As a young child Loung Ung faced many challenges during the war that impacted her childhood. . Many times Loung had to keep her head up and be strong, she never gave up.

As a result of the war, Ung faced living in a strict environment. Since they were the newcomers, they had to live under the rules and regulations of the Khmer Rouge, which caused lack of privacy in the Ung family., the quote from the text that supports this on page 317 ‘ In this village….. “We all live in a communal system and share everything. There is no private ownership… Everything belongs to the Angkar.” (Ung 317) This is saying that once you move into the Khmer Rouge village you are prohibited from doing many things you are used to.

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