Louise Erdrich 's `` Love Medicine `` Essay

1837 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Erdrich attempts to achieve in her short story 's by encouraging women to remain strong with their identity to reflect and acknowledge the setting, plot, literal devices and its theme throughout the short story. Louise Erdrich’s “Love Medicine” is a fantastic piece that represents a story analysis work that still continues to resonate the culture of writing. A good story portrays elements like setting, theme, literal devices, and character that impact the story to make a story come alive. These elements allow the audience to connect in real-life situations which allow the audience to generate the potential of the short story 's effect combined. There are many themes that be interrupted from “Love Medicine” the short story refers back to women’s rights movement and its critical role it played through the nineteenth century. Erdrich portrays the elements throughout the story is evident as the theme to further stress the short story 's during the time. In the story provides a significant symbolic meaning in the representation of feminism. She recognizes the metaphor of “Love Medicine” which refers to love between two people but also not only that, but also including what most relationships have heartaches that come with being in love. According to the short story information, life is a cycle that happens over and over. Resulting from the story having no end to the love circle. The theme shows that women can in power themselves as individuals. Overlooking on how “She loved him.…

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