Louisa May Alcott in My Contraband Essay

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Louisa May Alcott in My Contraband

Louisa May Alcott is an American Novelist best known as the author of the novel “Little Women”. Louisa was born in November 1982, grew up in Germantown- Washington D.C and was known to be an abolitionist, feminist and also a naturalist. Being a naturalist meant that she believed that nothing existed beyond the natural earth i.e. no such thing as spirituality or the supernatural. Her family suffered from financial difficulties and so Alcott had to work to support her family in an early age. She penned the story “My Contraband” (1869) which was formerly known as “The Brothers” (1863). Contraband was a black slave who escaped to or was brought within union lines (Alcott 759). In “My Contraband”, Louisa
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Our narrator expresses how attracted she was towards the Contraband. She still continues in another portion of our text “I was soon back at my post again, anxiously hoping that my contraband had not been too hastily spirited away.”(Alcott 768). Here she calls him “my contraband”, she has taken possession of Robert; he became hers. The text portrays that, because of the racism at the time, Miss Dane had to eat up the emotions she felt for Robert to her herself and all she could do was help him; giving him money and a bible. This passion was not only one sided.

Passion was also experienced on the side of Robert when he makes this statement "I thought I'd never see her anymore; I’m glad to know she’s out of trouble. I thank yer, Ma’am; an’ if they let us, I'll fight fer yer till I’m killed, which I hope will be ‘fore long.” (Alcott 769). Robert promises to fight for Miss Dane until he dies. This shows how much he appreciated her and loved her. Another illustration of his passion was seen when Miss Dane discovers this at the end “such an awful change had come upon him, when, turning to the ticket just above his head, I saw the name, ‘Robert Dane.’ That both assured and touched me, for, remembering that he had no name, I knew that he had taken mine” (Alcott 770). Robert takes Miss Dane’s Last name which was very

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