Louis Xiv : The Sun King Essay

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Kelly Tubbs
Professor Penny Jones
Western Civ II-History 102 Online
Oct. 20, 2014
Louis XIV: The Sun King
Louis XIV was the absolute monarch who reigned in France from 1643 to 1715, a period of seventy-two years, which happens to be the longest reign of any European monarch. His reputation helped steer the French nation into a formidable power during his rule. Louis XIV exerted himself to be a total authoritarian and king of majestic proportions. Known as the Sun King, due to his choice of royal emblem, Louis XIV re-guarded himself to be above all and everything revolved around his whims and ideas.
“Louis XIV believed in forceful foreign policies.”1 He pushed for the expansion of France through military force in four wars, one of which he was completely successful. During these wars, France gained a sizeable amount of land, therefore, displaying the size and strength of the French army. By pushing France through these wars, Louis XIV was able to substantially grow the French army to twenty times the size of his predecessors. His pursuit of land and power led to “campaigns to continually expand territorial claims through the use of military.”2 In the Franco-Dutch War from 1672-1678, Louis was able to expand France’s borders to Fland and the French-Compte. These victories helped France to emerge as a dominant military power. Despite war, Louis XIV was able to centralize and strengthen the French government. “The principal legacy of Louis XIV was a powerful and…

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