Louis Xiv : The King Of France Essays

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Louis XIV was the king of France from 1643 until his death September 1st, 1715. Known as the Sun King, he ruled for 72 years, longer than any other European monarch in history (History.com). Although he was a power-driven man who believed in the divine right of kings and established the system of absolute monarchical rule that lasted for 74 years until the French revolution in 1789, he was also an avid purveyor of the arts, especially ballet. It was through his passion of dance amid the strictness of an absolute monarchy that France became and continues to be a central destination for ballet.
Louis came to power when he was just 4 years old with the death of his father, King Louis XIII, on May 14th, 1643 (“Louis XIII”). Since Louis XIV was not yet of age to rule, his godfather, Chief Minister Cardinal Jules Mazarin, and his mother, Queen Anne of Austria, oversaw the governing of France in his place. A generous but politically practical man, Mazarin led France through multiple peace negotiations, allying with both England and Germany to force Spain to negotiate the end of the Franco-Spanish war. He also prevented Louis from marrying his niece, Marie Mancini, so that he could marry Marie-Thérèse of Austria, the king of Spain’s daughter. This arranged marriage maintained the peace treaty between the two countries. Anne was also a kind and gracious woman, but, having not been involved in the ruling of France when her husband was alive, she had very little knowledge on national…

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