Louis Xiv Of France And The Age Of Absolutism Essay example

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Cavan Waldron
Mr. Dormer
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20 December 2016

Louis XIV of France

Despite questionable decisions, Louis XIV of France is the best example of an absolute monarch in the age of absolutism. Soon after Cardinal Mazarin died Louis XIV gained full power over all of France. During his reign, Louis lived a grand and luxurious life style, filled with expensive jewelry(among other trinkets), servants, and food. His central idea during his reign was to make France the central power of Europe. Since this was his idea, he needed to spend a lot of France’s money and resources on war. Overall, Louis XIV was a great example of an absolute monarch based on his ruling style and opinions. Louis XIV’s military activities were mainly focused upon the rehabilitation of France’s economy after the reign of Cardinal Mazarin. Although Mazarin helped to sustain a absolute power over europe, Louis had more aggressive ideas of power. France’s neighbors, the dutch, were far more economically stable and powerful than the French. This infuriated Louis, which encouraged him to make a plan to invade the Dutch. This was possible with the help of England who Louis was paying the King, Charles II. After entering the battle he thought was a sure win, he was bombarded by Dutch resistance, which was led by William of Orange. Another factor against Louis and Charles II was that the Dutch had a growing number of allies that supported them financially and with more soldiers. This ‘quick invasion’ turned out…

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