Louis Silvie Zamperini's Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand

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I read the biographic account of Louis ‘Louie’ Silvie Zamperini, written by Laura Hillenbrand and titled ‘Unbroken’. Louie Zamperini was born January 26, 1917 in Olean, New York. He lived his childhood out in Torrance, California after his family relocated there when he was two years old. Zamperini would be as normal as my neighbor except for the superhero like resilience and perseverance he had. Louie Zamperini lived a long and full life of 97 years, but not all of those years were pleasant. Zamperini passed away from this world on July 2, 2014. I titled this paper with a statement that is very true to Louie’s life, let me explain. Louie Zamperini grew up in Torrance, California with parents that did not speak English very well. Louie’s parents were from Verona, Italy and being Italian was something that the other kids in the neighborhood could easily make fun of him about. Louie …show more content…
The United States entered the war and the Tokyo Olympics were canceled. Louie Zamperini’s next challenge would be fighting in that war as a bombardier. Overcoming his fear of flying, he was drafted into the army aircorp. His agility and quick thinking saved him and some of his companions during a ‘flat tire’ landing after being shot down. Only, this would not be the last time Louie crashed. On a rescue mission his plane would be shot down over the Pacific Ocean. Louie would survive 46 days on the open ocean battling bullies that ranged from his companion, to sharks, then to his own mind. He prayed to God for relief from his thirst and collected rain water when storm’s would come. Louie killed an Albatross and after discovering they could not actually eat the meat he used it as bait. Louie’s cunning and wits helped him and one of the pilots to survive at sea only to land on an island occupied by Japan. At this point he became a prisoner of war and dealt with the worst bullying of his

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