Louis Kahn's Fisher House Essay

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The building selected for this project is the Fisher House In Philadelphia By Louis I. Kahn. It took Kahn seven years and many different designs to complete this work starting from 1960. Though the Fisher House is one of the few private residences designed by Kahn that came to completion, it serves as a great instance of his architectural achievements through the underlying stylistic forms and philosophical values. For various reasons such as the recession caused by the second World War and stylistic differences of his Beaux Arts training, Kahn struggled to find commissions until two decade before his death in 1974. The projects completed during this period however are of great importance since Kahn was finally able to incorporate his …show more content…
With the introduction of structural elements such as thin wooden walls and large glass windows Kahn has created free facades that dictate the building's rhythm, scale, proportion and has enhanced the textural effects of the exterior. Through the evaluation of such elements the building's form and its relationship to landscape could be understood. Kahn's adoption of structural and constructional elements reflect on his Beaux Arts and neoclassical training and at the same time bear great resemblance to structures of Modern and International Style architecture. His building tend to provoke a sense of classical monumentality and appear somewhat traditional through the interplay of horizontal and vertical planes . At the same time this work appears modern through the adoption of thin walls and massive windows and lack of surface ornaments. In the Fisher House Kahn incorporates structural elements such as glass to create a sense of balance between his architectural forms. Large and dark windows accompanied with recessed window bays that are not for viewing and are only meant for ventilation, run along the building's exterior and resemble the cavities and voids of the classical buildings. These seemingly open spaces counter balance the solid masses of the structure. This could also be seen in the southwest side of the building where vertical and recessed slits that cast deep

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