Louis Armstrong : The Greatest Music Legend Of All Times Essay

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Kerrigan 2 Louis Armstrong also known as Satchmo and or Pops was a great American Jazz artist who came from very humble beginnings to become one of the greatest music legends of all times. Known not only for his great talents on the trumpet but, for the cornet and his scat-style singing. A style of vocal jazz creativeness in which the vocalist alternates nonsense syllables for lyrics. Scat singing is often used to emulate the type of musical line that a jazz instrumentalist would play. Armstrong would go on to also write two autobiographies and star in more than 30 films. Born August 4, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana to a teenage mother named Maryann Albert and a factory worker father whose name was Willie Armstrong, Louis was only just a baby of a few weeks when he was sent to live with his grandma Josephine Armstrong. His mother and father separated for a short time only to get back together long enough to create a sister for Louis named Beatrice who was born in 1903. After four years of living with his grandmother, Louis returned to live with his mother and sister Beatrice. They were living in an area called “the Battlefield” a part of Storyville’s legal prostitute area. This was not a great place to live but, a very rough and poor area to raise a family. Because of the fact that Louis father had left the family, this left Louis’s mother Maryann to work as a domestic and part time prostitute to bring in money to help feed her children.…

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