Louis Armstrong: The Father Of Jazz

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Louis Armstrong

Jazz has been around for almost a century, but it;s origin has never really been thought about. Louis Armstrong, the renowned “Father of Jazz”, was thought to be one of the greatest brass players of all time. He inspired many other famous musicians, soloists, and jazz players. Additionally, he was one of the causes of the Harlem Renaissance. Through his work as a coronet and trumpet player, a jazz soloist, and an inspiration, Louis Armstrong will be forever be famous. His music profession changed the course of music history.

In New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4th 1920, Louis Armstrong, or “The Father of Jazz”, was born. His father, who was 16 years old when Armstrong was born, abandoned him. Living only
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Armstrong’s first band was at the boarding school. Peter Davis, the leader of the band, became friends with Armstrong and invited him to join his band. At first, Armstrong was only allowed to play the tambourine as not recognizing his musical talent. Eventually however, Davis let Armstrong was finally allowed to play his favorite instrument, the corenet. After a year at Waif’s Home, Armstrong 's mother wanted him back at home mostly to help with the family. However, Waif’s Home insisted that Armstrong was sent to his father, who had a new family now, because he was making more money. Within a year, Armstrong landed his first ever music job. Cart loader by day, jazz player by night. Being 21 years old, during one of his nightly gigs, he met Daisy Parker. Although they got married, it only lasted three years. As Gini Holland, author of Louis Armstrong, states, “It ended after she took a razor to his hat in a fit of jealous rage.” However, they did have one child, Clarence. Tragically, he fell off Armstrong’s back porch and that left him disabled for the rest of his life at the age of three. Throughout his many gigs, Armstrong was noticed by King Oliver the leader of a Chicago band. Armstrong was invited and he gladly accepted. He soon became the star of King Oliver’s band, people began to know his name. Lil Hardin, the piano and vocals in King Oliver’s band, fell in love with Armstrong and they got married. However, just like the last marriage with Daisy, this one didn’t last long. Armstrong was soon invited to a bigger band lead by Fletcher Henderson in New York. Consequently, that took away King Oliver’s attention and fame and turned his relationship sour with Lil Hardin, ending in a divorce. In the New York band, Armstrong saw that the first chair had a trumpet. Seeing that, he switched to trumpet as well, to look more

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