Louis Armstrong And The Jazz Music World Essay

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Louis Armstrong was a lot of things while he was alive. He was a singer, a soloist, a film star, a comedian and also a fellow trumpeter (“Louis Armstrong Biography”). He wrote many hits during his time such as Starburst, La Vie En Rose and What A Wonderful World (“Louis Armstrong Biography”). Throughout not only his career, but also his life, he faced many struggles. Living in the early Nineteenth Century was already hard enough for a young black man but even harder for a young black musician. Louis Armstrong single handedly paved the way for future jazz musicians. Since Louis Armstrong is such a prominent figure and idol in the world of jazz music, young and growing musicians should get a chance to learn about Louis Armstrong’s early life, his career and accomplishments and his impact on the United States as well as the jazz music world. Louis Armstrong was born to parents Willie Armstrong and Mary Ann Miles (“Louis Armstrong”). There is no documented date of his birth but it is likely that he was born between 1899-1901. His family was very poor and often times his mother had to resort to prostitution to make income for her family (“Louis Armstrong Biography”). Armstrong’s father Willie Armstrong was a factory worker (“Louis Armstrong Biography ”). Young Louis saw how much his mother struggled so he got a job collecting junk and delivering coal for a Jewish family (“Louis Armstrong Biography”).
Mr. Armstrong was quite the ladies man. He was married four times…

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