Louis Armstrong And The Jazz Era Essay

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Louis Armstrong is considered as one of the most influential artists in Jazz History. In fact, some of his well-known songs, like “What a Wonderful World” and “La Vie En Rose”, are still popular today. The reason we chose Armstrong for this project was because we were very interested in how he became such a famous person back in his day. Louis Armstrong’s rise in fame occurred in the 1920s, when jazz was first introduced into the music universe. The Jazz Era had emerged after the Great Depression as a way for citizens to entertain themselves. “Satchmo” and “Pops” and “Ambassador Satch” were the nicknames given to Louis Armstrong. “Satchmo” was given to him from “Satchelmouth”, which referred to the size of his lips. “Pops” came from his inability to remember people’s names, calling them “pops”. Louis liked to pronounce his name as“Lewis”, but in a song he had pronounced it as “Louie”, and so it stuck amongst his fans and the relative mass. When he reached the peak of his music career, in his live performances, he would scat and continue to perform his best hits. On average, he would perform 300 concerts a year. In our project, we will be discussing his life, music career, and his successes. Louis Armstrong’s life was very amusing, even though he had a very difficult childhood. On the day of August 4, 1901, Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in a poverty-stricken section labelled “The Battlefield”. Armstrong’s father, William Armstrong, was a factory worker…

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