Essay on Lotus Sutra: the Parable of the Burning House

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The Parable of the Burning House

In the third chapter of the Lotus Sutra, “Parable of the Burning House,” a wealthy man was overseeing his three young children. The three children were diligently playing with their toys when suddenly a fire broke out in the house; the father made it out alive while his children are still inside. With the house still burning, the father yells from outside of the house to his children that they need to put their toys down and come to safety or they will die in the fire. However, since his children were so young, they did not understand that concept. As a result, the father used skillful means to coax his children out of the house. He knew what his children’s favorite toys were so he used them as a bribe.
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The hearers would simply only obtain Nirvana in their life. There would be no sticking around to help other sentient beings or obtaining complete Buddhahood. They would reach Nirvana and end all of their desires and suffering. The solitary realizers would teach and try to help sentient beings however merely keeps to themselves. Bodhisattvas are people who have qualified to enter Nirvana but out

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