Essay about Lost Love, Tragic Backstory, And A Of A Beloved Character

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Grab Your Pitchforks, Because This Paper is an Unpopular Opinion Lost love, tragic backstory, and a generally sardonic outlook on life— the perfect formula for a beloved character. Chances are, when you read that description, you thought of a specific character from your favorite novel. If you read the title of this paper, you probably thought of a specific character from a specific novel, that character being Severus Snape. Now Professor Snape has a very passionate fan base. Just utter the word “always” and you will hear someone Harry Potter fans squeal and begin raving about Snape. But why? Is it because of his tragic past? Is it because he was bullied and readers relate to him? Would they love him if he were a real person? I want you to think back for a minute. Think back to the worst teacher you’ve ever had. Think about that teacher that would scream at you for no reason, the one that hated children and graded meanly, and was downright atrocious. Would your opinion of that teacher change if you figured out they lost the love of their life to another person? Probably not. So why do people disregard Professor Snape’s horrid behavior because of his tragic lost love? Quite frankly, Professor Snape isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. Professor Snape is not a favorable person because of his poor treatment of students, his obsessive nature, and let’s be honest, his backstory is not enough to redeem his behavior.

Poor Treatment of Student
Professor Snape is that teacher we all…

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