Essay about Lost in the Land of Oz

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"This book is about surviving as a spiritual orphan." "In "Lost in the Land of Oz", Madonna Kolbenschlag explores the way old societal myths, which are created from the metaphors in our life, are no longer useful in today's society. The author believes we need to embrace the ego archetype of the orphan, the most influential metaphor for the self, in order to become a whole and complete person. Madonna Kolbenschlag discusses how our society is particularly hostile towards women, resulting in an acute feeling of self-loathing, doubt, loneliness, and guilt. Today, women as the orphan feel a complete sense of powerlessness and abandonment, not only by everyone around her but also by God. Instead of suppressing our anxiety, Kolbenschlag …show more content…
Women must learn that loneliness "…is about recovering those resources, that inner content with our own presence and a caring social environment that mediates our existential aloneness."(pp.84-85) While there is no harm in being dependent or independent, these two states of being often pose problems for women. Women often feel self-reproach for wanting some dependency and someone to fulfill their psychological and physical requirements. But at the same time they are not cherished and encouraged, which perpetuates their need and the feeling of insignificance. (p.85) Professional women learn to believe that in order to be successful they must "…think like a man" and play by his rules. This accepted truth leads them to believe that they are not "…real women."(p.86) Through pregnancy or social or economic constraints, there is a realization that women have little control of what happens to them. (p.86) This helplessness is most clearly manifested through domestic abuse. Women in these situations are trapped by love for the abuser, concern for the safety of their children and themselves, and no self-esteem. Women experience this impotence because they learn form a young

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