Essay on Lost and Found

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Lost and Found

I remember reading something that said “The value of friendship is seldom known until it is lost". Wow! That statement is so true; I feel it in my gut. When you have someone in your life you just expect them to be there forever. That is not often the case, people and things have a way of disappearing. You must remember to treasure the good times because you can never get those times back. I am personally talking about pets, but it could be for anyone. I was just thinking about my dog that I have lost; it hurt so bad I felt like I would never recover. You may feel empty and so depleted of emotion but then something comes into your life that makes you light up. It happened to me and I hope it happens for everyone else who
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She was so nice on the ride home and seemed happy I could not help but think Wow! I have got a new best friend. The joy soon evacuated from my body, she was not what I expected at all.

The dog we thought was going to love us instead turned on us big time. As soon as the leash was taken off of her she immediately pounced on my sister, and tried to bite her. We first thought the dog may have been overwhelmed and a bit scared of her new surroundings, and then she attacked me. My mother pulled the beast off of me and it attacked her, my father then grabbed the dog and put it in the yard. Needless to say my dad took the dog back the next morning. I was so upset that night; I just could not understand why a dog we were trying to save would do this to us. All we wanted to do was love her.

I woke up the next morning and asked my mom “why would that dog do that to us when we tried to save her”? She told me “it wasn’t the dogs fault, it was the fault of the previous owner, and they must have trained her that way and not have shown her care or love”. I started crying because I was sad, not only for me but the dog we almost loved. My mom held me and kissed my head, she told me everything happens for a reason and it will be fine soon. I looked up at her and said “I want a dog just like Bear” and she said “that’s impossible because every dog just like every person is unique”. She then told me the right dog for us will find us. I did not

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