Essay about Lost And Found : What Can You Ever Lost Your Parents?

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Lost and Found Have you ever lost your parents? Whenever they is war they will be a loser and a weaner. My parents were living in a small village call Bulla Hawa which is located in Somalia and they were having seven kids. I was the older kid in our family and I was ten year old at that time. After the serval war in Somali people started to group themselves in small region and have someone who can lead them but unfortunately people were having tribe problems and they starting to dived the people according to his or her tribe and if you are not a mange the tab tribes in that region they will kill you. It was Monday afternoon. I was inside the room with my tree sibling who are young than me and my mom was cooking dinner for us in the kitchen. My Dad and my three other siblings were away from home. My siblings and I were watching in the window when I saw birds are going to south west and they were making sounds. Normally, birds sings and goes together when they have something that interabts them. I was shocked and my eyes produces light and my mine shorts down. After a few seconds when I am still in the bed wondering where to start I hand my mom sound saying that my kids are away rebitting it as she goes forth and back inside the room. In fifteen minutes the air was full of smoke which procuresses the short guns and the all village was shots down. Everyone runs away in order to found some ware to get in. My mom,…

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