Essay on Loss As Losing An Object

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People don’t live for a long time. There is always a moment when a love one has to move on from this world. They either pass away from natural or unnatural causes. It doesn’t tends to happen. It happens all over the world. Is something that as human beings we have to go through at some point. What does loss really mean? Many people may respond differently either losing something they cherish the loved one. To many people the word loss may have different meanings than to another person. A person’s perspective can alter the meaning of a loss. This essay will work to define loss as losing an object, losing a love one, or loss of feelings over circumstances. The definition of loss is when people lose something as like the dictionary says. In other cases for other people means something way different. For example, some people loses their car keys perhaps and they can’t find them. Some people know that and considers it as lost because they can’t find their keys. People can lose, for example, a ring they freak out and look for the ring until they find it because they know that the ring is expensive, a love one gave it to them, or they just like the ring. They would do anything just to find the ring because is valuable to them. Everyone knows and takes the word loss as something missing. There are some people when they lose their significant other the same and it affects them. They may show emotions or they would probably not show at all. To some people the word loss could mean…

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