Essay on Losing My Father At A Young Age

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Losing my father at a young age did not only take a toll on me, but my 3 siblings as well. Death can sometimes break a family apart, but for mine it did the opposite. A person will not understand how tough losing a parent is until it is experienced. Then again, no one knows the joy of gaining a parent either. I am strong because I have lost, and I am successful because I have gained. My mother was thirty-two years old with four kids to take care of. She was working full-time and going to college to better her way of living as well as ours. She was in the process of building a house that could fit all five of us comfortably. We would all gather around each night and my mom would tell us stories about how wonderful our father was. He could light up a room with his contagious smile. I could see the pain in my sibling’s eyes. My daddy’s death was the last thing my family expected. It happened so suddenly. It was heartbreaking for me and everyone he came into contact with. It seemed as though, it had hit my brother, Jackson, the hardest. He had terrible anger management issues. It became so terrible my mother enrolled him in anger management therapy. I saw the pain he was experiencing and it began to strongly affect me because occasionally I was who he took his anger out on. After several months of therapy, Jackson realized that taking his anger out on his family was not going to bring our daddy back. He was now the “man of the house” and it was time for him to step up and…

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