Essay On Los Angeles

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Los Angeles
“The Town of The Queen of Angels” was the name of Los Angeles in the late 1700’s. The city of Los Angeles is very big and has lots of pretty places and lots of things. Los Angeles has many landscapes, mountains, sports and places to go. Most people move to Los Angeles if they become successful in sports, music, writing, or singing because Los Angeles is an entertaining place with lots to do.
Los Angeles was not always called “The City of Angels”(Hively). Los Angeles was called “El Pueblo del la Reina de Los Angeles”, or “The Town of the Queen of Angels”(Hively). This was around the time when Spain still believed that they still ruled California, but there was hardly any Spanish settlers. “Spanish rule was overthrown in 1821 by Mexico, which then claimed California but had little luck in attracting settlers”(Hively). Then after that there was a war called the “Mexican-American War”(Hively). Oil was later discovered by the late nineteenth century. “During the 1980’s, Los Angeles suffered from gang violence when crack cocaine became prevalent among drug users”(Hively). “Despite the turmoil in the inner city, the rest of Los Angeles prospered during the 1980’s”(Hively). Unemployment started dropping during the 1900’s. Los Angeles had many advantages and disadvantages once the
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Most of these people were non-hispanic or latino Americans. This number came out to be 48.5 percent of the people. “Communities in Los Angeles tend to be divided by racial lines, with economic status playing an additional role in neighborhood composition”(Hively). The economics started divisions in schools, restaurants, language, and businesses all over Los Angeles. Due to the language and cultural divisions Asians had to split between Chinese and Koreans. African Americans soon started to move out of the inner city into the suburbs away from the city. The growing Hispanic population is very

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