Essay Los Angeles : The Home Of The Stingrays

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We chose Los Angeles to be the home of the Stingrays because Los Angeles is one of the only biggest cities in the country that doesn 't have a football team there, but also Los Angeles is one of the wealthiest cities in America, and it 's also surrounded by wealthy cities such as, San Jose and Silicon Valley. The average age in Los Angeles is about 34 which means most of the people in the Los Angeles region are employed. The average household income is about $55,000 which shows that families can afford to go to many football outings at the Stingray Stadium. The ethnicity of the Los Angeles region shows that whites are majority 's and coming along behind the Whites are the African- Americans. The ethnicity, income, and the average age made us come down to Los Angeles because we saw that this city was a football committed city and many of the fans can also afford tickets to the football games.

Stadium Finance Cost and Design Features (Isaac):

Concessions / Restaurants:
Inside Stingray Stadium we have a vast variety of all types of restaurants and concessions. Towards the 300 section of the stadium we will be having simple and inexpensive food such as Connie 's Pizza, McDonald 's, and Subway. As we descend towards the middle sections of the stadium there will be more of a variety but more of expense to the fans who sit there. The 200 section will consist of having a Bud Light Fanatics Zone, also we will be opening up a new restaurant that will be called “El…

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