Essay about Los Angeles By The Noir Era Of Film Making

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What is Los Angeles
“It 's a fascinating city – it 's kind of obsessed with itself.”- Dan Houser (The Guardian)
One can ask whatever number of people “what is LA” and receive the same number of responses. The pattern of the city can be seen from the perspectives of the media, books, photographs, films and residents. The vast difference in what this face-less city is, can be considered more than dense. Even when on street-view, it is hard to pin point a location without the use of the map indication and even then you can get lost. It has an identity that is always changing and evolving. Some may know Los Angeles by the Noir era of film making, some may know it from Hollywood and some may know it from GTAV. Furthermore, its identity is hidden, masked or faked. Los Angeles is the idea of success for shallow people and the idea of “make-belief” for realists. The architecture of Los Angeles is known for the repetitive and apparently endless grid.*** There is not much to define LA, but it can be argued that like most “objects”, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or viewer.
"LA is this embodiment of 20th-century American desires: the houses, the gardens, the tans, all slightly fake.”-Dan Houser, 2013(TheGuardian)

Representations of Los Angeles “For a century, people working in Hollywood have brazenly manipulated the geography of Los Angeles for their own private purposes, but they’ve never been able to fully disguise its light” Sam Sweet, 2013 (TheNewYorker)
It is the city…

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