Essay about Lorraine Hansberry 's A Raisin

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Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun is able to bring to light various issues occurring in Chicago’s Southside during the 1960s,the time at which the play takes place. Many of theses issues stem from racial tensions,terrible education and poor housing systems among other things for blacks at the time. Money, however is the main focus in the play because it interrelates with many of the conflicts that occur between family members in A Raisin in the Sun. The Younger family’s perception of themselves and the world around them are impacted by money because they believe money gives them power in society and their homelife, allow them to pursue or refute the American Dream, and controls their ability to be happy.
Walter’s perception of how power is distributed in society is based on money. Walter believes that if he has money he will be treated equal to a white man.When Ruth tries to convince Mama to give Walter money to open up a liquor store she says, “Ain’t nobody business people till they go into business. Walter Lee say colored people ain’t never going to start getting ahead till they start gambling on some different kinds of things in the world- investments and things” (Hansberry 505).Walter is tired of being ordered around by his boss and wants the power that is given to people who work for themselves. This quote explains how Walter perceives the world because he thinks that black people as whole need to start making money to experience the “lavish” lifestyle that…

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