Lorraine Hansberry 's `` A Raisin Of The Sun `` : A Poor African American Family Full Of Distinct

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The play, “A Raisin in the Sun”, by Lorraine Hansberry, features a poor African American family full of distinct dreams. In this play, Hansberry refers back to the poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes, which questions the possible results of dream deferred. During the 1950s, America was suffering from racial segregation which, in the author’s eyes was an embarrassment. This misfortune inspired her to write this fiction. This play emphasizes the importance of dreams, regardless of the various oppressive struggles of life. According to Hansberry, a dream that is hard to accomplish should never be given up. She is asking the question: When do we stop fighting for our dreams? The answer is never. She proves this by explaining how many of the characters in the play undergo hardships of obstacles in front of their dreams. Beneatha, for example, is the most educated member of the Youngers. She had the privilege of having a better education than others in her family. Her spirit of independence is one of her strengths. The fact that she refused the traditional education made her believe more in her dream. She believed that having a medical education was her right. She owned a dream of becoming a doctor, a difficult and privileged career.
Her obsession with medicine originated from a childhood experience where the injury of a little boy bothered her so much, it sickened her. His release from the hospital with just a little scar impressed her. She knew that practicing medicine is…

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