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Apple’s Make-vs. - Buy Decision
Stacy Rowe
Dr. Twelve
HRM 500
April 28, 2010

Explain what approaches to recruiting might be best suited for Apple’s talent acquisition. An approach Apple may use to recruit the best suited talent just may well be retired technical talent from their competition. Because Apple has launched its very first computer, others have struggled to remain in the competition. For those that have fallen short of redeeming themselves and forced to close up shop, the brains behind the logos are not long gone. Home grown technology has lost its ground, however, when Apple suggests something that may be another great idea, everyone will follow suit. Forecasting the pros and cons while weighing the
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Due to the fact that Apple’s name basically sells itself, he or she should not try to see the job at hand but should give more importance to the candidates preferences and at the same time should try to help understand the candidates pros and the cons of the job at hand for a good fit. Timely feedback not only benefits the candidate but also Apple. Time is of the essence and experienced people are needed in a timely manner. Recruiters should avoid offensive behavior. They should avoid behaving in ways that might convey the wrong impression about the organization. Recruiters make a difference and possessing positive behavior in the recruiting process can give Apple a better chance at hiring the right person for the job. Going overboard with the recruiting strategy will only lead to misrepresentation. Then unmet expectations can contribute to a high turnover rate (Noe, 2011). When recruiters describe jobs unrealistically, people who take those jobs may come to believe that the employer is deceitful (Noe, 2011).
Suggest three ways that Apple can effectively plan for HR resources. Rank in order of cost to implement. Implementation that ties planning and recruiting to the organization’s strategy at Apple to its efforts to develop new hires becomes a complete program of talent management. Avoiding labor shortages or surpluses involves measuring the figures in order to

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