Essay on Lord of the Flies Morality

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Morality is personal or cultural values, codes of conduct, and social principles that determine right and wrong in the human society. Philosopher Thomas Hobbes Believes that Everyone is a savage without law or morality, and that there are good men only because of society, without society everyone would be savage. while Jean-Jacques Rousseau believes that humans are innately noble savages. The two different ideas these philosophers have about morality and what makes a person moral leads us to ask; what causes humans to abandon moral behavior? In the book, Lord of the Flies, author William Golding uses many characters and motifs such as jack, Roger, and fear to show how morality can be abandoned. From the beginning of the book the …show more content…
When roger gets back to the camp he begins throwing rocks at the littluns as they build sand castles on the beach, watching how they would react carefully. Roger decides to abandon his morality to join Jack in hunting for food while Ralph and Piggy try to make a camp. Roger is constantly testing the limits of his savagery by engaging in cruel torture of the pig, Piggy, and the littleuns. He supports Jacks leadership in the same way

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