Merridew's Savagery

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Too many rules restrict the freedom of choices. Too many rules also make it difficult to follow. However, without rules, too much freedom might cause people to become savages. Savagery poses a challenge to civility through the following people and symbols: Jack, the sow, and fire.

Jack Merridew was the first one to turn toward savagery, and perhaps the most important reason for causing all the savagery on the island. Jack showed his savage heart the first time during his first hunting: “Next time there will be no mercy.” (Golding, 31). Which builds up the base for his inhuman acts afterwards. On The third hunting, Jack actually hunted a pig for the first time. Not only the pig, Jack came up with the barbaric chant, which is an important
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One reason to relate fire and savagery is that instead of being a signal fire like it is supposed to, the fire got out of control. It set the whole forest on fire, which is a huge destruction to the environment and alarming the boys that fire is dangerous, most importantly, it killed the mulberry-colored birthmark boy (Golding, 46), that is a disturbing thought for the boys, especially Piggy and the littluns, because they’ve never seen fires ability of destroying everything. Another reason is for fire demonstrating brutality is because Jack used the help of fire, almost committing a murdering crime. He set the forest on fire, using the powerful hand of pure, tried to burn Ralph to death, but the fire got out of control, and almost led to everyone's death. For these reasons, fire is a strong representation of savagery. And without of rules thing will be out of control and cause unpredictable destructions.

Because of Jack, the sow and fire, civility is threatened by savagery. Jack started the savagery and lead everyone on the island deep into it, and had no chance turning back; the sow represents the extreme sage, and how all the boys beside Simon was in Satan’s flavor; last, the fire, with the ability to destroy everything it touches, almost killing everyone. Profoundly, without rules at all, with total freedom, all there will be left is savagery, everyone on the world will turn into savages, turning towards the evil, and there's no turning

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