Lord Of The Flies Fear Character Analysis

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Emotions have power, they can be overwhelming and confusing. More importantly, they obtain a power that can control us and make us act unlike our natural behavior that we may not do on a normal day to day base. The novel Lord of The Flies by William Golding is a book written all about emotions and their overwhelming power they acquire over us. As teenagers and adults we struggle to handle our own emotions when we engage in conflicts with one another, so how can we expect young boys on an island without adults to keep their emotions in check. Fear is an emotion that is built off of “what if”. Little kids are scared of monsters under their beds because there could be something there. The idea that there could be something automatically makes the boys think, does it have gnarly teeth, sharp horns or long talons? They create this terrifying beast in their mind all based of “what if”. In reality their horrifying beast is probably a pile of dirty socks. The boys on the island create a beast due to the fear of the …show more content…
Jack’s desire to be chief causes many events in the book Lord of the Flies, the most significant is the splitting of the tribe. “He laid the conch with great care in the grass at his feet. The humiliating tears were running from the corners of each eye.(127)” Jealousy has the power to control us just as much as fear does. Except when jealousy is portrayed, it is usually with anger and violence. “High overhead, Roger with a sense of delirious abandonment leaned all his weight on the lever.(180)” Piggy is killed out of jealousy of Ralph being chief. At this point in the novel Piggy was the only one left on Ralph’s tribe. In order for Jack to become chief, Ralph in Jack’s eyes had to die. “They hate you Ralph. They’re going to do you.” “They’re going to hunt you tomorrow.(188)” Jealousy is what causes Jack to become so hateful and obsessed towards Ralph and being

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