Essay on Lord of the Flies- Evil

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Every human being is savage at heart, no matter how hard they try to oppress it. Evil is an instinct, a part of human kind, but what exactly is evil and what defines it? Mr. Golding believes that evil is intrinsic to human beings; he shows some examples of evil in the Lord of the Flies, in a form called bullying. Bullying increases the bully’s self-confidence, while it lowers the victim’s, in this case Jack harass Piggy to increase his self-assurance. Humans have two desires that conflict with each other: to live by civilization and to live by savagery. The civilized impulse we have is to live peacefully, morally, and by rules and laws. The savage characteristic we have is to act violently, using force to gain authority and power over …show more content…
In Lord of the Flies, all the boys are in the same situation, but they all, even Ralph, satirize Piggy, the most disadvantaged boy on the island, because he is physically inferior compared to the others. Some examples of this are, “’You’re talking too much,’ said Jack Merridew. ‘Shut up, Fatty.’ Laughter arose. He’s not Fatty,’ cried Ralph, ‘his real name’s Piggy!’…A storm of laughter arouse…” Due to Piggy’s lack of social skills, his asthma and heavyset body image, he is bullied quiet a lot. Piggy isn’t the only one bullied. Roger tramples through the littluns' sandcastles quite deliberately, as he enjoys causing pain and suffering to other boys. Maurice follows him because he is also a bully, but unlike Roger he is also a coward. He is happy to follow Roger's lead but lacks the nerve to do things by himself. Even while kicking down the sandcastles Maurice is mentally preparing an excuse in his mind. Teasing and bullying are a part of everyone’s lives at some point or another and they change people, especially children or adolescents. Bullying has an effect on everyone and it changes the way they act and perceive the world.

The principal concern in Lord of the Flies is the battle between civilization, the instinct to live by the rules, peacefully, and savagery, to act violently. At the basis of the book that boys start off heartily, with intentions of abiding with law and order. As you venture deeper into the book,

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