Lord Of The Flies Conflict Analysis

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The allegory, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, is a fictional novel about a plane crash on an island without any adults. The setting of the book is an island; “the shore was fledged with palm trees. These stood or declined against the light and their green feathers were 100 feet up in the air.” And that the is,and is hot and tropical; “here and there, little breezes crept over the water beneath a haze of heat”. There are three main conflicts in this novel, they are a conflict with nature, an inner conflict or mortality and a conflict of leadership. These support the theme of survival because these conflicts are obstacles getting in the way of their survival. The boys conflict with nature is they are trying to survive. To survive, they need food, shelter and clean water to survive so they can be rescued. One quote that shows their conflict in finding food is “well get food, hunt. Catch things… until they fetch us”. In this quote, Jack says that they will find food. They will hunt for things and catch food until they catch something. On the island, food is essential to their survival. A quote that shows they need shelter …show more content…
Three of the main conflicts are a conflict with nature, conflict with others and an inner conflict. The conflict with nature happened when they are trying to survive. The boys need food, shelter and water to survive. Without those things the boys won’t survive for long. A conflict with others occurred when Jack and Ralph were disagreeing about fire, who is chief and whether they should hunt or not. Lastly and inner conflict was experienced by Ralph. Ralph’s inner conflict is about staying civilized, making the right decisions and becoming chief. These conflicts illustrate how the boys are in a conflict with themselves and surviving on the island because all they are doing now is just holding on and they are important to the book because it’s about

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