Lord Of The Flies By William Shakespeare Essay

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Lord of Macbeth
Even though both Jack from Lord of the Flies, and Macbeth from Macbeth have the same drive for power, the same obsession with blood, and the same guilt, there are some differences. The differences between them is that Macbeth does everything because he thinks it’s his fate and that he needs to, but Jack does it for the thrill of it. In both Macbeth, and Lord of the Flies the author is trying to show that greed kills all. In both novels the drive to be the leader results in either the death of himself, or the death of others. Both Macbeth and Jack could have lead peacefully, but their fear of not having power led to their eventual downfall.
The most important similarity between Macbeth and Jack is power, without their hunger for power none of the incidents would have occurred. The biggest thing both characters do to get power is kill, Macbeth gets the power by killing, and tries to keep his power by killing. “Macbeth does not heed Banquo’s warning; hearing the witches call him king has gone deep into his soul. He ponders the possibility of becoming a monarch and sets his whole heart on the attainment of this goal” (Foster). That quote shows that Macbeth will do anything to become king, even ignoring his best friends orders. At the start of the play Duncan is the king, and he is the only thing that stands in between Macbeth and the crown. At first Macbeth is very hesitant about killing Duncan, and says he won 't do it, but after lots of convincing from Lady…

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