Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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“Evil comes from the abuse of free will”- CS Lewis. Lord of the Flies is a tale with undeniable themes of savagery and good vs. evil. William Golding’s belief was that all men contain evil within, and his portrayal of Lord of the Flies painted that picture for his audience. He created an underlying theme that symbolized a “Jesus vs. Satan” theme, which also ties directly with good vs. evil; however, he took a unique approach. He emphasized that without rules, there is no reason or foundation for morality, so the tendency is to conform to savagery. In fact, if there are no rules, would morality exist at all? This question can easily be compared to the idea that if there were no commandments, where is the initial foundation of morality? Golding depicted many different characters to play an either blunt or subtle change from good to savagery. To outline this idea, he used some of the most apparent characters Jack, Sam and Eric, Simon, and Ralph.
Jack was the most apparent character to contain corruption. His big, overly confident attitude was evident from the very beginning. At the beginning of the story, nearly the first thing out of his mouth was an insult towards Piggy. As the story progressed, his evil possession only seemed to grow. He was extremely dissatisfied that he was not voted into leadership, and as any sore loser would do, he tried to overthrow Ralph. His initial consensus consisted of Ralph’s tribe remaining loyal to Ralph; however, he did not settle for that…

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