Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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Savage Development

In the book, Lord of the Flies, the author William Golding offered a different perspective of what savagery and civilization is in children’s lives when they become captive in an island. The children started as a society but started to become savages as their inner evils, fears and fight for survival became imminent. The book started narrating the story in third person which helped the readers identified the personality of each one of the characters being captive; it was quite distinctive the way Ralph could express himself and be helpful maintaining rules, and setting society. Setting rules and maintaining order was helpful at the beginning but the antagonist, Jack wanted to be the leader and had a different perspective in mind of how they should be maintaining the children’s responsibilities in the island. Although, many readers may think the environment was the reactant for the boys’ savagery and immoral behavior shown in the novel, it is clear that the principal factor for the boys’ savagery were biological factors because our definition of good and bad is what makes us distinctive from animals. The definition of society by the protagonist Ralph and his friend Piggy was clear because they wanted to keep maintaining their civilized side including: survival, food, and protection. The author gave the protagonist the name Ralph which means strong, and so he is; he is a strong leader. Ralph was able to provide shelter for the children and always…

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