Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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In the last chapter of Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the boys learn the true meaning of no mercy and see their chaotic world collide with the reality of civilization. Golding brings the two worlds together and produces a satisfying shift in mood as the boys realize what has come of them. The war suddenly stops, and conflicts emerge that had been avoided while others are resolved. Golding finishes the book with the future of the boys unwritten. William Golding develops a satisfying conclusion to his novel Lord of the Flies by altering his intonation, introducing emotional appeal, bringing an authoritative figure into the scene, and leaving the story open-ended while leaving several conflicts unresolved. WiIlliam Golding’s intonation and word choice changes from chaotic to calm in the final part of the book. His tone is polarized only within a couple of sentences. Preceding the arrival of the sailor they were engaged in an all out war. Their actions were terrorizing and completely insane. The boys showed no mercy by throwing spears at each other with the intention to kill. Once all of humanity seems to have been lost, Ralph meets “a white-topped cap” (Golding 200). When Golding states the word “white” purity appears and is restored. In this moment, Golding’s tone shifts to calm and brings the boys back to reality. Additionally, conversation sparks up and brightens the silence with sarcasm. The sailor jokingly asks if they were having a war and if anyone had been…

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