Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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Lord of The Flies, a novel by William Golding, examines the struggle between chaos and order within humanity and society.These conflicting powers are displayed through the metaphors of the conch and the pig 's head. The conch shell is a symbol of civilization that only Ralph and Piggy consistently respect though the entire novel. The sow’s head represents lawlessness and disorganization. Both objects are used by the boys as a way to control their groups, but the sow’s head wields more power over the boys; the boys are entranced and infatuated by the power of the sow’s head. The power of the conch, a symbol of order that most of the boys only briefly and half heartedly respect, cannot compare to the sow’s head, a symbol of evilness, that the boys worship and praise.
The conch shell, originally a pristine object that reminds the boys of their life in civilization quickly loses its power of creating order, and most of the boys disregard it quickly and do not acknowledge the significance of the shell. When Piggy and Ralph first arrive on the beach, a conch shell catches Piggy’s eye and he explains to Ralph the elegance and value that these kinds of shells hold where they are from. When Piggy tells Ralph that his aunt had one, he suggests that the Ralph uses it to call the other boys because Piggy knew the shell would make a loud noise. Most boys respect Ralph immediately because he was the one who blew the conch. Even some choir boys led by Jack- who wanted to be the leader as…

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