Lord of the Flies Analysis Essay

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Literary Analysis – The Lord of the Flies

In William Golding’s novel The Lord of the Flies(1954), he questions the nature of man and origins of evil within human beings. The plot involves a plane full of British boys, between the ages of six to twelve, crashing on an isolated island. There, they are stranded without any adults and as time progresses, the upbringing of the boys regarding societal rules and morals are tested as they revert into a life of savagery. Golding proposes a shocking revelation that human nature is naturally evil. This is demonstrated through mob mentality as well as hidden symbols throughout the book.

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We can see that towards the beginning of the novel that Jack the leader of the
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Through the different characters, the novel presents a cycle of evil, ranging from Jack and Roger, who are excited to engage in violence and cruelty, to Ralph and Simon, who fighting to contain their brutal instincts. We may note that the characters who struggle most successfully against their evil instincts do so by appealing to ethical or social codes of behavior. For example, Ralph and Piggy demand the return of Piggy's glasses because it is the "right thing to do”. Golding suggests that while evil may be present in us all, it can be successfully suppressed by the social norms that are imposed on our behavior.

Though the children on the island had been taught the difference of good and evil, they chose to follow the sinister side of their nature and plunged headlong into a world of cruelty and murder. Ralph, however, chose to follow the words of Simon and fought against his dark side. He clung to the rules of his childhood in hopes to return to the adult world because he knew that without those morals and ethics, society a civilization of oppression; Jack’s world.

William Golding wrote “Lord of the Flies” after the event of the Second World War. I think he wanted to show that it is wrong to believe that evil only lives in other nations. Golding proposes a shocking revelation that human nature is naturally evil. He thinks about the events in Germany and is sure that it can happen in any country. Golding’s novel is

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