Lord Of The Flies : A Twist Of Dramatic Irony Essay

1883 Words Sep 26th, 2015 8 Pages
At the beginning 8 wrongdoers were each given letters from supposedly different people, when in a twist of dramatic irony, it is known that all of these letters came from the same person; the “Unknown” person who creates the entire mystery to this story. In reality, there were 10 people condemned to their fate, because a couple had served as attendants to the 8 guests given the letters to arrive on Indian Island. The couple along with the other 8 guests had directly or inadvertently led to the murders and deaths of other people, but by law could not be charged for their crimes. Each letter stated its own reason for the guests to arrive on Indian Island, an island already surrounded in mystery as to who owns it. The guests arrived perplexed realizing that they had not been traveling the journey to Indian Island alone, and proceeded to conclude that the letters were in fact fake. The storms at sea and lack of access to communication on the island made traveling off nearly impossible, and so everyone was stuck with only hope of a boat to get off the island.After the 3rd death, which was more severe than the first two ( the victim was struck in the back of the head) the entire group concluded that the murderer was in fact among themselves. This lead to a lot of mistrust between the bunch, and eventually in a matter of days everyone was killed off, including the murderer himself. The story concluded in a letter in which the killer had stated his name and the reasons…

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