Lord Of The Fish And The Great Snake Of Destiny Essay

1889 Words Apr 7th, 2016 8 Pages
Once upon a time, there was a fish, a goldfish named Goldy the Golden Goldfish, but that’s not important right now. What is important is the owner of the fish, Sir Jeff. Now Sir Jeff was a youthful, strong and handsome knight. In fact, he was also the bravest and most secure knight of all of King Arthur’s court. Any quest, any competition, any situation there was nothing that Sir Jeff couldn’t handle. He had killed countless spiders, 54 trolls, 34 phoenixes, 10 griffins, 3 dragons and the great snake of destiny. Though he was a youthful, strong and handsome knight he was quite unintelligent. If the IQ test was around in Arthurian times he would’ve gotten a 73 and been happy about passing. It began on a day like any other, it was springtime and the flowers were blooming, pollen was falling, birds were singing, and fish were dying. More particularly Goldy the Golden Goldfish, proud possession of Sir Jeff, had died. Sir Jeff had not owned Goldy the Golden Goldfish for a long time, only about two and a half years, but what fun they had together. Goldy the Golden Goldfish had become one of Sir Jeff’s closest advisors and his best friend. When Sir Jeff came home and found his best friend had died, he was saddened by his passing as any loving friend would be. But after an elegant burial service and some comforting cinnamon rolls Sir Jeff had moved on. The next day he was resting and taking a leisurely stroll by the pond when he saw some fish swim by. Immediately…

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