Essay on Lord Gawain And The Green Knight

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Is it conceivable that nature is the ultimate component that dominates all other forces or principles in the world? From the starting point of the poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the Green Knight had expressed all essential features of nature. Nature and civilization are the two central ideas that kept being brought to the table. These two elements were in a constant battle to see which one compels a person to make crucial decisions that one might encounter on their journey in life. As Gawain is confronted with the imposing demands of nature, both internal and external by the structure of the Green Knight along with the moral rights of civilization by Bertilak; it becomes clear that nature dominates the morality of civilization due to the nature of Gawain’s own sexual desire, fear of death, and the apparent nature around him. The nature around Gawain was also expressed various encounters. The stormy day of New Year’s Eve emphasized Gawain’s fearful anticipation to see the Green Knight. “But the storms crackled through the world, clouds tumbled their bitter cold on the earth, northwinds freezing the poor; snow shivered in the air, and the animals shook” (Raffel 119). The natural world echoed his emotions and most likely altered them as well. The weather also represented the superior force of nature in which mankind cannot possibly contend with, which metaphorically alluded to the Green Knight. The gloomy day on the way to the chapel foreshadowed Gawain’s…

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