Lord Asriel Essay

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"Humans can't see something without wanting to destroy it. That is original sin. I am going to find the source of Dust and destroy it. Death is going to die." In the novel Northern Lights Lord Asriel is the father of Lyra and a man obsessed with creating the perfect world. Lord Asriel is portrayed as a fierce-natured, cold-hearted and seemingly unapproachable person, who will do anything to achieve his goals. I respect and admire Lord Asriel for he will hesitate at nothing to accomplish what he believes is right (even if it means taking innocent lives or even his own). In this piece of writing I will show you Lord Asriel’s characteristics and his story From the start Lord Asriel was a …show more content…
Asriel waited in hospitable conditions for a child to perform intercision on, to open a window into the northern lights with the help of witches. After some time a child did arrive: Roger Parslow who was brought by Lyra ,who didn’t know what Asriel wanted. Taking Roger Parslow Asriel performed intercision and entered the Aurora. Lord Asriel’s daemon is a black spotted Snow Leopard called Stelmaria, his daemon reflects his personality. Asriel is a man who will achieve his goals no matter at what cost even if it means he will perish. Asriel’s goals are not greedy or self-centered but rather to make the world become what he thinks is the perfect place for humanity (part of this is by destroying human’s original sin). Asriel has always had a hate for the Church, and he had tried to destroy the Church but, afterwards the Church was not worth it so he wanted to challenge the great one himself: The Authority (Like A God). In terms of appearances Lord Asriel is a forty year old man, with broad shoulders, a clean cut beard and is said to have lively eyes, glittering with savage laughter, , indicating that beneath his cold and harsh appearance he is really a man with powerful emotions. Asriel is mostly seen wearing formal suits with ties or a dress-shirt with a

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