Loose Hope In Frankenstein

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After reading the novel Frankenstein there are plenty of times when the monster experiences things that make him loose hope in humanity. He feels useless, hopeless, angry, upset and not wanted. It’s such a horrible feeling to feel like you’re not excepted when that’s all you really want. Some people turn to crime and a great depression when they don’t feel loved or wanted, they retaliate against their family and do things out of the norm. My opinion is that people do this for attention since they can’t find love in their family by being there selves. It’s like the monster committing crimes and hateful acts all because someone wouldn’t give him a chance to be loved. At the time he was innocent and just looking for answers. He may not have looked …show more content…
How can someone who was just born and knows nothing about the world he has been brought into feel anything but hopeless and faithless when shown a reaction like that? The monster leaves the attic he was created in with a feeling of fright and confusion. Once he enters the town all the people bash him and chase him because of how he looks. These incidents are already starting the monster off on a bad foot with society. How can you go into the world and get that type of reaction and even think its ok to approach someone with good intensions? The beginning events that take place in the novel set a very rough road ahead for the …show more content…
Towards the end of the novel Frankenstein feels that Victor is the one to blame for all the events that have taken place, he feels that it was his responsibility to take care of him and teach him things. He starts taking away all the things that mean the most to Victor. Frankenstein demands Victor create another creature like himself but a female version. Someone he can relate to and love someone to care for and look after. Frankenstein promises to leave and never harm another human if Victor does this. Victor says he won’t be able to do that, Frankenstein says to Victor “I will work at your destruction, nor finish until I desolate you’re heart, so that you should curse the hour of your birth”. (Shelley 105). Victor thinks about this offer and questions the monster about his proposal to leave and cause no more harm to human. Victor decides he is not going to create another creature like Frankenstein. This is yet another disappointment to Frankenstein and another reason to feel hopeless and

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