Looking Slumdog Millionaire Through Good And Evil Essays

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Looking Slumdog Millionaire Through Good and Evil In Reading Lessons, Scott Carpenter states “Structuralism is a multifaceted group of theories with varied and disparate goals” (27), explaining it is a collection of many theories and patterns which are not actually focus on a single goal but can be studied from any point of view. Structuralism doesn’t study the original purpose of creator but focus in the structure of the text or movie. Carpenter illustrates that “just because an author meant to communicate something in a book, poem, or film, does not ensure that she or he will have done so” (28), explaining that structuralists do not care at all about authors’ intentions since intentions are not certain, and we can get much more interpretation from the text itself rather than limiting them over the author’s point of view. Carpenter points out that structuralists study patterns rather than a single scene or a point from the text. He describes “A single point does not make for a structure any more than a single beat can establish a rhythm, or a single note a melody” (29). In all literature, single points are actually paired with their opposite which he refers as “a binary opposition” (Carpenter 29) which makes that point significant to viewers because of the difference. Structuralists study the patterns of text that follow the same form but bear the unpredictable parts. These surprising parts are the experience that Carpenter describes as “immensely satisfying” (32).…

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