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Looking for Alibrandi is the story about Josephine Alibrandi’s last year at her exclusive girl’s school. This is the year she deals with many different things. Many new relationships, her families’ beliefs and culture, death, learning new things about who she is as a person, different leadership roles and responsibilities that she has to deal with in her final year of school. Between film and book, there are many differences; nevertheless they are portrayed in different ways to receive a range of audience’s attention and depending on the author or the writer’s perspective.

Relationships play a big part in both the movie and the book. In both the film and the book relationships are shown through friends, crushes, boyfriends and annoying
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In Looking for Alibrandi Josie discovers more about her self than first thought. In the book Josie is pictured to me to be an average sort of nerdish looking girl, with fuzzy hair and thick glasses, but in the movie she is shown to be a pretty, wavy haired girl. In the movie it is noticeable that Josie becomes more confident and stronger after John’s death. In both the book and the movie Josie decides, that instead of following in her mothers and grandmothers that she will be the first Alibrandi to decide and have a say in what she’s going to do with her life, what she’s going to do, who she’s going to be, and she’s not going to let her Nonna or her Mamma tell her how to live her life.

Leadership and responsibility is a small, but important role in both the book and film. In the book Josie almost seems to abandon her leadership roles and her responsibility for her job. In the film leadership and responsibility is barely shown, with only having one scene for her job and a few scenes for her leadership roles as Vice-Head Prefect, and after that it isn’t shown at all. In both the movie and the book there isn’t a strong sense of leadership coming from both depictions of Josie.

Both the book and the film have many different and similar points about relationships, death, culture and beliefs, leadership and responsibility, and about Josie herself. These have been discovered and explored by reading the book and watching the movie, and learning about

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