My Concept Of Discovery In Away By Michael Gow

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Listening/Viewing/Representing Task: Discovery
My concept of discovery is this: Discovery is a process of going on a journey that impacts and invites you to understand something new. Discoveries allow individuals to experience a different view. Discoveries can be sudden and unexpected or deliberate and carefully planned. They can open up fresh and meaningful ways to experience something. Discoveries develop a different understanding. Discovery can be affected by personal, cultural or historical context. It challenges individuals to engage with their environment and develop a broadened and deeper understanding. As seen in Away, written by Michael Gow, it is about people discovering new things about the world and themselves. They go on a journey
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My concept of discovery is that discovery is a process. In Looking for Alibrandi Josie goes on a process of developing her relationships with her father. At the beginning she is angry and not interested in him. She says “You should be a politician. They’re full of crap too”. But she goes on a journey of discovering her relationship with him and begins to feel dependant on him. We can see she changes in this quote “…being able to hear Michael snoring made the night-time sound so alive”. Discovery is also about being impacted. In the novel Josie is impacted by her relationship with Jacob. She thinks Jacob is an idiot but she is impacted by the way Jacob shows an interest in her. Josie also goes on a process of understanding her identity. She is invited to experience and understand her identity through her relationship with Michael. At the beginning she is embarrassed to talk about her identity with her friends. This is seen in this quote “Tomato day. Oh god, if anyone ever found out about it I’d die”. But she discovers that she should be proud of her culture and accept it. We can see how she has discovered her identity in this quote “If someone comes up and asks me what nationality I am, I’ll look at them and say that I’m an Australian with Italian blood flowing rapidly through my veins. I’ll say that with pride, because its pride that I feel.” Through this we can see her growing …show more content…
It invites them to discover something different and be changed. Intellectual discoveries can happen from research and training. From my concept of discovery, I have represented an intellectual discovery of the brain unravelling and being impacted by change. I have represented discoveries as the unravelling of the brain. I chose this image because it is related to the intellectual part of a person. The image is drawn from a distance to get a whole picture view. It is presented as a forward facing image to confront the viewer. There is a clear reading path leading to the brain. The brain is a metonym for intellectuality. The image is drawn in black and white to keep it

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