Looking For Alaska By John Green Essay

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“And if I had cared about her as I should have, as I thought I did, how could I have let her go?” (Green 159). Looking for Alaska by John Green is a young adult fiction novel about the experiences of a group of friends in boarding school and their journey through friendship. Throughout their time spent in school, the main character Miles, and his three friends Takumi, Colonel, and Alaska deal with the common struggles of being teenagers in school. Although having to deal with hard classes and bullies, they still make life interesting by pulling various pranks. Over time, their friendships with each other grow stronger and Miles begins to fall deeper in love with Alaska. One night, Alaska leaves the campus highly intoxicated. As a result, she was involved in a horrific car accident that concluded in the taking of her juvenile life. John Green’s heartfelt novel, Looking for Alaska, applies thematic events that test the strengths of relationships by pushing them to their limit and exposing the depths a person will go for another.
While in boarding school, Miles creates essential friendships unlike ones he has ever had before, therefore, he experiences in-depth love and loyalty with his new friends Lara and Takumi, and best friends Colonel and Alaska, giving him a true sense of companionship. At the boarding school, the junior and senior graduating classes pull an end-of-year prank. In doing so, Miles feels buoyant regarding his feelings about their power as friends and their…

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