Looking For Alaska By John Green Essay

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Looking For Alaska
John Green
The book starts out in Florida at the home of Miles Halter. We find out that he is going to a boarding school called Culver Creek in New Hope, Alabama. After he gets there most of the significant events take place in the dorms, the gym, the smoking hole and the barn at the school. Although some of the most significant events take place off campus at a McDonalds, at the colonels’ moms trailer, and on the highway. The time is in the present; all the kids are in their high school years.
The book starts out as Miles saying that he is going to Culver Creek Boarding School craving the “Great Perhaps” that is talked about by one of his favorite poets. When he gets to the school, his roommate is named Chip but goes by the Colonel. The Colonel immediately gives him the nickname “Pudge” as an ironic joke because Miles is very skinny and scrawny. The Colonel introduces Pudge to his group, which includes and Asian boy by the name of Takumi and the mysterious and beautiful Alaska Young. Pudge is so awed by her beauty and starts to have a small crush on her, but, she has a boyfriend and she “loves him”. Throughout the year the group introduces Pudge to smoking, drinking, sexual pleasures with another girl at the school and most of all, pranks. The group pulls many pranks together and always enjoys themselves breaking the rules. This is exactly the great perhaps Miles was looking for. When he met Alaska, she asked him about a Labyrinth of…

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