Essay on Looking Back At The First Half Of The Semester

1044 Words Feb 20th, 2016 null Page
Looking back at the first half of the semester, one event in particular stood out to me the most is when one of my patients gladly offered me her dinner as a “thank you” for my assistance. The day started out pretty normal, I took my patient’s vital signs, assessed for her LOC and performed a hair, skin and nails assessment. After performing all those assessment, I asked if she needed anything else, and she said “Yes I would like to go the bathroom. Would you help me up?”. I asked one of my colleagues to help me transfer her, as she is a 2x person assisted and we helped her get to the washroom. After transferring her back to the bed, the patient asked me if to turn on her television for her, and so I did. After doing a couple errands such as: getting her water, tidied up around her room, collected new bath towels and grabbing her telephone, I told my patient that I will be back later because I had to do my patient research and that I will be back later on with dinner. When it was 1630, dinner had arrived and I was serving dinner to my patient. My patient asked me if I could take food that her son brought for her and heat it up, make her tea for her and to set up her dinner table. And of course I gladly said yes and proceed, as their request are not beyond the limits of the therapeutic relationship. After dinner had passed and I was collecting dinner trays from the other patients and my patient as well. When I asked her how much of the food that she ate, my…

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