Looking At The Learning Environment Essay example

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Looking at the learning environment:
How does the environment within the practicum site support children to play learn and grow? How are these aspects of the program designed to nurture young children and support their learning through play?
Sunny Hill Development Centre Daycare environment caters to the the children 's independence and creativity. The centre has The center is open from 8am to 5pm throughout Monday to Friday.There is no set schedule that is followed throughout the day, other than a hollow skeleton of set snack times at roughly around 10:30am and around 4pm , lunch always at 12:00pm following nap time around 12:30pm to 2:45pm. In between these main transition periods the children have the freedom and choice of how they spend their time at daycare. There are 2 early childhood educators who both receive two 15 minutes and one 45 minute break. The longer breaks are taken during the children 's nap time as it is a more relaxed time for the other eductor to be able to be in charge alone. The centre is very child led and Reggio inspired, with its documentation upon the walls throughout the centre for parents to witness and admire. There is a dramatic house area, light table area, block corner, reading area, table activities, water table play and the art area. Everything is access to the children and they are not limited with how much time is spend throughout the different areas within the center. The physical environment is aesthetically…

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